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HC/S 413/2021

Click here to download my 3rd Affidavit.

It was prepared with an appeal in mind. I never got around to that appeal because Pam and Annie (CrimsonLogic/LawNet Service Bureau Supreme Court) told me 'there is no such thing as 'appeal against order of Registrar in Chambers''. The 4th Affidavit is all the bundles including fabricated for the Action with Kenny.

Click here to download my 1st Affidavit.

This was my Reply to Ang & Zhu's summons to strike out under O 18 r 19(1)(1)(a), (b), and/or (d), HC/SUM 2650/2021. Notably, I argue why my case is legally sustainable. That it is factually sustainable is plain and obvious from my Statement of the Claim.

Click here to download my 2nd Affidavit.

This is Supporting summons for judgement by default (HC/SUM 3000/2021), and to strike out the Affidavit by Goh (HC/SUM 2991/2021).

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