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While working at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, I was ordered by my supervisor, Rupshi Mitra, to kill dozens of animals for no reason and without anesthesia. I refused and reported the incident through appropriate channels. As a result, I was harassed and fired. To this day, nothing has been done to address illegal animal experiments at Nanyang Technological University.

Curious as to why Nanyang Technological University handled the situation the way they did, I looked at the research I was involved in as part of the Singapore Dementia Consortium. It appears that 14.5 million USD were allocated to Mitra and 15 other professors in the Singapore Dementia Consortium to do research on dementia and Alzheimer's disease, and they did not do research on dementia and Alzheimer's disease. It does not stop there. Looking into the work of co-authors of researchers in the Dementia Consortium, it seems similar patterns of misconduct are repeated. Here's the story...

Mohamed Helmy


10 Jurong Lake Link, #15-39

Singapore, 648131

26 March 2021

Dementia Consortium

The professors in the Singapore Dementia Consortium taking millions of dollars and not doing research on dementia.

Farcical ethics

Ethical issues in the research activity of the Dementia Consortium.

Frequently unasked questions

How did this happen, what is going on, and other unasked questions...

What this means for you

What this means for you if you study or work in Singapore research and academia or love someone who does.

Mitra and Vyas

Misconduct in the research and education activities of two faculty members at Nanyang Technological University.

Subra Suresh

Misconduct by Subra Suresh, president of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Nitish Thakor

Misconduct in the research activity of Nitish Thakor, affiliated with National University of Singapore and Johns Hopkins University

Report download

Download full reports here.

Journal correspondence

Court documents

Research Disintegrity and Unhuman resources at NTU

Other farcical due processes

New president of NTU gags AI

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