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Research Disintegrity Office
and Unhuman Resources at
Nanyang Technological University

Research dis-integrity at NTU

The individual allegedly responsible for (ahem) 'integrity' at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), the so-called 'research integrity officer', is Roderick Wayland Bates

The reports I sent to Bates are here: Report 1; Report 2; Report 3.

Bates' supremely farcical text which he passed, or pinched, off as an 'investigation' is here, my response here.

Stay tuned for the audio recording of the laughably uptight and pretentious frog-like squawking of the Bates, coming soon!

In-human resources at NTU

The most evil of the lot are Esther Quek, Eileen Chua, and Hayley Ng, and the minion who will never become a member of MENSA running their unspeakably foul errands is one Shin Kay Chong. If you want to investigate any of these very slimy, I mean slippery, individuals, and can't get a grip (is she even in Singapore? Was she even ever at Murdoch?), let me know, I'll send you as many pages they took offline as I can. Another name to keep in mind, calling himself nothing less than an Officer of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Singapore is Gregory Chew Hew Teck (though as it turns out that ain't sayin....stay tuned!).

The report sent to NTU HR is here. Full correspondence is here.

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