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tortured spirit
The Zeroeth Law
stands for Ho Tuck Hua, Me, and Irelynn

Irelynn is in By analyzing the work of Ho Teck Hua, president-to-be of Nanyang Technological University Singapore, and others, she showed what appears to be gross mishandling of data, misleading interpretations, misattribution of mathematical models, and other misinformation in the work of Ho Teck Hua and others.

Irelynn has been gagged.

DeepAI disclaimer includes not using knowledge produced on the website to disparage others. However, what appears to be falsified data is being used by Ho Teck Hua to disparage others, namely the academic community and as it relates to industry and society. Click here to download the full report.

Mohamed Helmy


Saturday 25 February 2023

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