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woman object

The Woman Object

In these series of reports, objectivization of woman in health policy, notably UK, is discussed.

hormone replacement therapy woman

The UK health system, embodied in NICE, disembodied woman, defining her as a creature which has lost fertility prematurely, or as a cannister which needs to be 'topped up' with powerful steroid hormones, lubricated, and f****** frequently.

In the process, NICE developers attempted to pervert our understanding of physiology, or the study of the function and structure of organ systems, fundamental rules guiding doctor-patient relationship, and the nature of scientific communication.

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evidence based medicine nausea vomiting of pregnancy guidelines UK WHO USA Australia Canada NZ

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If you are pregnant and suffering from nausea and vomiting and:

  • live in the UK, then both NICE and Royal Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists will ignore the 'evidence' from each other as well as from National Institute of Health Research. The former will use one unethical study and one unethical study only to give you some kind of 'standard care'. The latter might believe you have a 'perceptual problem'.

  • live in Australia, then you will be told to go away. 

  • live in the United States, run down to your local pharmacy and purchase the recommended wristband.

  • live in Canada, then ignore the past evidence upon which treatment recommendations are based, it is retired, though largely the same.

  • ask World Health Organization, then the internationally acknowledged treatment method of choice is also alien, expensive, not feasible, and unacceptable.

And in all cases you will be offered drugs or cocktails of drugs acting powerfully on the central nervous system and others.

Also in all cases, for doctors and mums:

Your experience does not exist, it has no evidence.

Genital Mutilation UK

female genital mutilation

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How genital mutilation became a sanctioned medical procedure in the UK.

vagina laser treatment

The UK health system, through NICE, encourages market-driven research in NHS clinics - to burn vaginas.


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