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Summons to strike out: HC/SUM 2991/2021

singapore supreme court summons to strike out

The title is not misleading. This is because the summons largely shown here, HC/SUM 2991/2021, is applied for to strike out the Affidavit by Goh.


The Affidavit by Goh, in turn, appeared to have been deposited in support of HC/SUM 2650/2021. Kind of. Maybe.


HC/SUM 2650/2021, in turn again, was applied for to strike out HC/S 413/2021. Under Order 18 Rule 19(1)(a), (b), and/or (d). With Defence held in abeyance. Kind of. Maybe.

So we are striking out what was made in support of a striking out. Something like that.

Heyaaa.....why does it say "...HC/SUM [paragraph] 3650/2021..." (emphases added) in that summons up there?

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