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Stanford Coop:
The Determined Face of Academic Rape

Stanford University

Click here to read the message I sent to Robert Sapolosky, Stanford University.

Click here to read the only reply I ever received from Robert Sapolosky, after repeated attempts to reach out including through his assistant.

Click here to read a selection from Sapolosky's work.

Note the smug conceit.

Robert Sapolosky smug conceit

What Ajai Vyas and Rupshi Mitra, Robert Sapolsky's mentees, did to students, and for all I know still are doing at Nanyang Technological University, is academic rape. You can read more about it here.

The only way to describe what Rupshi Mitra and Ajai Vyas do to students, for whom Robert Sapolosky is mentor, is academic rape.

Ajai Vyas and Rupshi Mitra, mentees of Robert Sapolsky, academically rape students.

Sapolsky's work is less science and more pre-determined political propaganda. Nevertheless, if we adapt the present scenario to Sapolosky's terms then:

Ajai Vyas and Rupshi Mitra are the mentees of Robert Sapolsky, who is the avowed mentee of Bruce McEwen. Together, they form a coop. The reason why 'coop' is the descriptive for this group, and not 'troop', 'herd', or even 'flock', is elaborated below.

Robert Sapolosky Ajai Vyas Rupshi Mitra Bruce McEwan academic rape

In Sapoloskian terms:


EITHER everything he ever wrote, about the biological nature of society, cooperation, and so on, is complete and utter nonsense because it does not apply to him

OR he is a member of a society in which his self-determined 'testicular function' places him in a certain level of hierarchy or pecking order, below Singapore.

Thus, 'coop'.

I also wrote to Stanford about Ajai Vyas stealing data from Sapolsky's lab and publishing it as if his own, you may read more about it here. The journal did not mind that Ajai Vyas steals data. Stanford didn't neither.


However, I must have misplaced those correspondences with Stanford, I lost the evidence. If Stanford ain't chicken, let 'em say it ain't so.

Robert Sapolosky Stanford University chicken

Sapolsky wrote something about the (determined) nature of his difficult job, something about justifications at night and the face of someone he helped.

What about the faces of students his hatchlings, Ajai Vyas and Rupshi Mitra, raped? He just turned his face away. Along with Stanford Coop.

Robert Sapolosky academic rape
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