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University of Michigan:
Linda Lim's Hate

University of Michigan hate China miracle Singapore

When I alerted University of Michigan to misconduct by UoM researchers and collaborators in Singapore, back in 2021, I never received a reply. At the time, I thought perhaps those researchers were small fry, and in any case I was being harassed by the Singapore Police Force and defrauded by the Supreme Court of Singapore, so I did not think about it much.

And now I found Linda Lim.

University of Michigan

Click here to access her Google profile and which states she is at the University of Michigan. Click here to download an analysis of some of her work and which is incomplete for reasons discussed below.

Briefly, Linda Lim has two personas:

- One Linda Lim, often with the initials 'YC', publishes with the affiliation in Michigan about business, though on at least one occasion her affiliation was Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Singapore. Much of that material, when it is not a book review or an unattached citation, is recycled nonsense, because for example, a financial crisis in 1999 cannot have the same content as a financial crisis in 2018. 

- Another Linda Lim, often 'Lay Hoon', publishes about dementia with Nagaendran Kandiah who is known to appear as one of the most unscrupulous individuals active in Singapore and international academia, being responsible for clinical trials so unethical they may pass as criminal. Linda's affiliations on these articles, like Kandiah, can be anything from National Neuroscience Institute with or without Department of Neurology (Singapore), to Stem Cell and Developmental Biology, Genome Institute of Singapore, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (Singapore), among others.

University of Michigan Linda Lim National Neuroscience Institute Neurology Dementia Singapore

At some point I decided I would not waste time fixing the puerile obfuscations Linda Lim promulgates with her name, with her affiliation, and with the nature of an article (poster, presentation, book review, whatever), and whether the article is recycled or novel, about business or dementia.

And then later, I realized the problem is much more serious than the fact that Linda Lim appears to be a lying, thieving, scoundrel, consorting with known criminals for unknown but obviously nefarious ends. It is that she is fostering hate.

Lind Lim University of Michigan hate China Singapore miracle

One article by Linda Lim is called:

The China Bogey: The Facts Behind the Fears

The language is so hateful, the content so obviously misconstrued, no sample would do it justice. In any case, after reading an article or two, one does not need to look further than the title to know what Linda Lim, or Kandiah, wish to profess to the world, if any content at all is present.

Briefly, a repeating motif in Linda Lim's work where she is mostly affiliated with Michigan and not Singapore, is to show the 'miracle' of Singapore, and to hate on China.


The repeating motif in Linda Lim's work where she is affiliated with Singapore and not Michigan, or the work of Kandiah, is discussed here under Singapore Dementia Consortium, and has no motif, it is junk.

corruption Linda Lim University of Michigan Lee Kong Chian business China

Linda Lim has a blog called:

Academia SG

Promoting Scholarship Of/For/By Singapore

It appears to me she is further spreading misinformation on that site, and setting up straw men. What is intriguing is her obsession with 

Academic Freedom

Freedom to do what? Lie, cheat, and steal brazenly?

acacemic freedom Singapore

Dear University of Michigan,


I am wondering why you have on your payroll someone like Linda Lim? 

Irelynn Helmy wondering

Mohamed Helmy


Sunday 7 May 2023

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