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Pervert Park

The researcher at :

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

EPFL, Switzerland

University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Ohio State University, USA

University of British Columbia, Canada

University of Georgia, USA

Pennsylvania State University, USA

Somewhere in Korea

All the above

None of the above

Nanyang Technological University researcher

Download the tables of references here.

A Linkedin 'HyunJung Park' profile states:

I am a postdoctoral researcher in Photovoltaics and Thin Film Electronics Laboratory at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, and in Solar Energy Research Laboratory at Korea University

...which is odd, because she also states that she, HyunJung Park, is a full-time Postdoctoral Researcher at both Nanyang Technological University, and Korea University.

Georfia Pennsylvania British Columbia EPFL Korea Singapore Ohio Hong Kong

There are no publications by a HyunJung Park at EPFL.

You can see HyunJung Park among the members of the Nano Engineering Device Laboratory at Nanyang Technological University here. The publications produced from there have two articles co-authored by HyunJung Park, one of which she is first author and affiliated with both Nanyang Technological University and Korea University.

It appears HyunJung Park, before moving to Singapore and not moving to EPFL though she claims otherwise, attained her doctorate at Korea University, here. She does not claim any Master's, she was such a star she jumped straight to doctorate. Her doctoral thesis appears to be about testing various compounds to stick in between a solar cell and a battery though it is very obfuscated and comically. Which reminds one of the Bachelor thesis Subra Suresh appears to have stolen from Helen Hunt for his thesis (except Helen Hunt wrote straight-forward science for her Bachelor's project, which Subra Suresh stole, obfuscated, mixed with other stolen data, so on, read the report).

After a short walk in the pervert park that is the theses and publication repository that is Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore...

Singapore Korea researcher
doctoral thesis Korea transpires that HyunJung Park's doctoral thesis at Korea University is a plagiarized copy of Sunjung Park's doctoral thesis at the University of Ulsan, Korea, here, published a year earlier. The major difference is in the latter she lists the Abbreviations and in the former she does not (and this makes one wonder, in the former, what iVOC measured in mV, among other things, were. In the latter, one does not wonder, one simply does not know).

May there be another Sunjung or HyunJung Park of some sort fishing in these waters?

Indeed, we find a Kye Won Park who looks, well, just like HyunJung Park. And Kye Won claims to have a done a Master's and PhD at Ulsan University, though the field is neurology. But there is no Master's nor PhD for a Kye Won Park at Ulsan. Unless she was Si-On Park, Shin Who Park, or perhaps even Eunhee Park. 

But check Kye Won Park Frontiers LOOP profile, she may exist though her doctorate does not, she's at the University of British Columbia. Except out of twenty-six (26) publications, not a single one is affiliated with British Columbia. She's affiliated with Ulsan and others in Korea. Only on one (1) editorial role is she affiliated with British Columbia University. You can check all that as well as her ORCID profile on the table of references here.

Frontiers Loop Korea Singapore
Korea university

But there are Kae Won Park articles collated on ResearchGate. Some of those articles may be attributable to another Kae Won Park, they are about biochemistry stuff. But there are definitely nine (9) articles attributable to our Kae Won Park, and three (3) of them indeed have the University of British Columbia as affiliation. The rest are Ulsan and others in Korea.

Of course, I emailed the University of British Columbia right away because fraudsters should not be working in clinics. They have not replied.

Oh dear. Is there anyone else who looks like a HyunJung/Sunjung/Kae Won Park of some sort?

Oh dear there is. Soomin Park looks, well, just like HyunJung Park and Kae Won Park. Soomin should be at the University of Hong Kong, she has publications listed there, and her ORCID profile says she is employed there, and her Google Scholar profile says she is verified there. But out of a combined total of eight (8) publications, not a single one is affiliated with the University of Hong Kong.

All Soomin Park's output, to do presumably with education, is affiliated with Ohio State University. Including her doctoral thesis and which is total bunk. And she's teaching courses there.

But it is very dangerous bunk because it appears she is allowed to come in contact with children. I emailed Ohio State University straight away and they have not replied.

Korea researcher
Park Korea researcher

There is more. A Seung Won Park looks just like HyunJung, Kae Won, and Soomin Park. That's four Parks, five if you count the faceless Sunjung who is the author of a Park thesis.

This Seung Won Park should also be at the Faculty of Education at the University of Hong Kong but there is no trace of her there. And the Google Profile with relevant articles is unaffiliated, unknown it says. Even though out of seven (7) articles, three (3) are affiliated with Hong Kong when even Soomin had zero (0)! Seung Won, not Soomin, has affiliations also at the University of Georgia, Pennsylvania State, and others in Korea.

Why? For the love of kimchi, why?


Nanyang Technological University is an establishment of ill-repute and basically criminal, nothing is beyond them.

Why does anyone in, say, the University of British Columbia put the name of a Park on a paper? Assuming she was not actually let into the clinic and allowed to lay appendages on, or somehow communicate with patients, of course.


Why should the University of Hong Kong tolerate a researcher who either does not affiliate herself with that establishment, or misspells her name and so the establishment becomes affiliated with someone who does not actually exist in its domain?

And not only why, but also how does Ohio State University allow what appears to be a pervert Park to come anywhere near a child, let alone do research on children?

pervert Park
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