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The Action with Kenny

singapore supreme court schedule action with kenneth wang ye

Click here to download the whole schedule.

Click here for Timothy Ang and Wilson Zhu's (Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP) sebmissions.

Click here for written submissions.

Kenneth Wang Ye (Assistant Registrar, Special Assistant to the Chief of Justice Sundaresh Menon) and I in Chambers, with Ang and Zhu Zooming in. And some intern.


Kenny allowed me otherwise to misbehave, while drawing clear lines I shouldn't cross. Except one or two of these lines were fickle, so they had something seductive about them. Was it not an invitation to tease?

We talked about this and that. Kenny took long, ardent strides in establishing what the funk was about. It seemed he agreed that HS/S 413/2021 is factually and legally sustainable in terms of the claim. What about the remedy? Under what legislature, Kenny asked, was I claiming damages to be assessed?

I ain't sure, I say. I was doing my homework on presenting evidence to the Court. And all that pre-trial stuff. You know. Not assessing damages. Yet. 

Come noon, Kenny adjourns. And he tells me to be sure to name the law which says I can pray to the Court for benefits, after lunch.

You betcha! Quick as a flash I ran to the National Library. At a later date, a lawyer/Officer of the Supreme Court of Singapore, asked me: why didn't you use the library in the Supreme Court? That answer is: because it closes at noon.

Anyways. Flash to the National Library. Nailed the bastard. Rode a cab running back to Court in such haste I almost sullied the suit Mr. Chung at Meiko made me.


Hey Kenny. Here's the stuff you were looking for. Do you like me?

...What? You're kicking me out? Kenny I'm hurt. For a second there I thought you wanted know. Action. Was it because I teased you? Well, you gave me mixed signals.

Why, Kenny, why? Because Ang and Zhu and their gang don't like me? But they weren't even invited! Like, officially. They gate crashed. And what? And because I'm delaying the action, embarrassing it? No, and because I'm abusing you, huh. Make up your mind, we haven't got all day, you said so yourself.


Nevermind. Post-coital stupidity is well described in some form or another. Like, physiologically. Only I wasn't prepared to be on the sling. Heck, I didn't know it was that kind of party.

Click here to see my letter to Justice Lee Selu Kin PJG PBS,

Justice of the Court of Appeal, Justice Steven Chong,

and Justice Audrey Yoon Cheng.

Click here to see their response. Well, not theirs' really. A response.

An apt description of the same is here.

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