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University of New South Wales:
Says Khoo?

university of new south wales UNSW

I got my degree in New South Wales,

Heave a Shaun...All the Khoo,

I got my degree in New South Wales,

Round Yim Chan,

Bound for New South Wales.

[1] On 18 January 2021, I sent an email to members of a consortium researching stroke, STROKOG. The consortium was led from the University of New South Wales.


[2] My email regarded the corruption of a STROKOG member, Nagaendran Kandiah. You can read more about him here under Singapore Dementia Consortium. Kandiah produced corrupt biological material along with others in Singapore - those others later moved to/were/are concurrently at UNSW.

STROKOG consortium Sanchev doctor leadership
surprised ethical response UNSW

[3] I honestly was not expecting the UNSW Research Ethics Integrity Office to respond - but they did! Click here to download my email to STROKOG members, and response from UNSW.

[4] Over a period of time, several UNSW Officers very carefully picked my 'complaint' apart, click here to download.



Those UNSW officers appeared to wish not to miss anything and to follow protocol strictly.


My replies were to absolve the UNSW STROKOG leaders of wrongdoing. My justification was that, even though they obviously knew that Kandiah's and others from Singapore and at some time/now at UNSW biological material stank to Cape Cod and back, they were at least honest about it

(Of course, one has to go into the Appendices and so on to trace it, and of course, they kept Kandiah's and others' from Singapore and now/later at UNSW biological matter in the STROKOG final reports).

research ethics integrity office working university of new south wales UNSW
research integrity office UNSW fired replaced

[5] At some point, those UNSW officers left.

En masse, it appears. Click here to download the relevant correspondence. 

[6] And then Shaun Khoo recommended to dismiss everything, click here to download his recommendation.


Basically his arguments were: no it isnt't.

In some instances though he could not just flatly negate a point, so he lied outright. Have a look at how he twisted the Boston Criteria, it is either enlightening or post-mortem.

unethical shaun khoo UNSW receiving orders lee kong chian

[7] And then I received a message from Yim Chan where he or she:

- thanked me for acknowledging receipt from Shaun Khoo; I had not, I'd asked Shaun Khoo if his ORCID profile was up to date because I could not be sure I was corresponding with a UNSW officer at all, and wondered what I should respond to because there wasnt't, click here to download the correspondence.

- diligently listed the allegations to be dismissed and called the file 'Dismissal Helmy', both very Singaporean authority things to do, in my experience.

- failed to sign said document, also a very Singaporean authority thing to do in my experience and that of other's such as Jeanne's.

corrupt yim chan integrity office UNSW

[8] All the above is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL, please do not share.

strictly confidential do not share
tie me kangaroo down sport also can hang on the shed

[9] If you come up with a clever rendering of Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport, please send it to me. I will hang it on the shed, also can.

i was born in new south wales

I got my degree in New South Wales,

Heave a Shaun...All the Khoo,

I got my degree in New South Wales,

Round Yim Chan,

Bound for New South Wales.

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