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University of Toronto:
Heather Hypocrisy Boon

University of Toronto Heather Boon Singapore

Dear UoT

Regarding UoT’s first Summer Abroad program in Singapore

[1] UoT website states: “…Students will earn a full year's credit in three weeks while living and learning in Singapore…”

I was interested to know how a student may attain ‘a full year’s credit in three weeks’, so I asked an AI (not Irelynn). I chose, the ‘Comedian’ generator, of course, you may read the full response here. It is accurate, and therefore funny.

What is not funny, Heather, is that you are bribing students to go to Singapore. Someone you know has already put a monetary value on that bribe equivalent to a ‘full year’s credit’. In substantive terms, and you must know since you have been using and teaching ‘qualitative methods’ for over twenty years, what you are actually handing out as a bribe is the promise made to society about the effort and learning a student has achieved at UoT. What is the ‘quality’ of the education of a ‘full year’s credit in three weeks’? Importantly, the promise is not yours to hand out.

Why are you bribing students with something that does not belong to you to go to Singapore, Heather? You disgust me.

University of Toronto summer program Singapore China

[2] UoT website states: “…During the three weeks, students will engage in topics about Chinese politics, history, urbanization, and culture…”. But the title of the program is “…Singapore: Rise of China as a Global Power…” which is confusing because Singapore is not China. It also smacks of a disgusting colonial book about the so-called ‘loss’ of China. It is also disgusting for several additional reasons too obvious to mention.


I wager the content of the ‘program’ will be disparaging of China, and will parrot the usual propaganda about ‘squeaky clean’ Singapore. I’ll bet you anything you want, Heather. If you send me the content of the course, and it is not disparaging of China, I’ll replace the entire content of with an apology, how’s that? But you will not send me the content because it is intellectual property my foot, that is a neat excuse.


And what’s all this about your UoT Asian Heritage Month 2023? How would you contextualise that within ‘Rise of China as a Global Power’? ‘Asian GOOD, China BAD!’?


Why are you toeing historically defunct colonial drivel based on a skewed perception of loss of power, Heather? You disgust me.

University of Toronto Asian Heritage month 2023 China

Regarding Qian Lin, newly appointed Assistant Professor at UoT


[3] Qian Lin appears to be an under-achieving sadistic charlatan, please click here for more information. Briefly, she paralyzed fish before torturing them. And then she made up or strung together some phrases which tell that fish swim up to the light sometimes and various well-known brain regions might have something to do with that. In three articles of which two are plagiarized. And she is already UoT staff?


And you tell us that she suddenly ‘left China’ after contemplating animal thoughts, to the National University of Singapore, and then you obfuscate where she was (Vienna or New York), but importantly, where did she graduate from in China, huh? Not worth mentioning?


Why are you hiring Singapore post-graduate under-achieving sadistic charlatans, Heather? You disgust me.

Qian Lin professor University of Toronto fish

Regarding UoT’s Memorandum of Understanding with known criminals


[4] Did Gertler not tell you about the message he got from Jeanne, where she politely and thoroughly explains that Lily Kong, Singapore Management University and Public Commission, previously/presently NUS, appears to be a tyrant guilty of perjury on record in the Supreme Court of Singapore? Someone must have told you. Heck, even Singapore Justice knows that Lily Kong is a corrupt government official in the executive market with judicial duties! And while the executive is the legislative is the judicial in Singapore, there are laws in place being ignored for Lily Kong among others, but you ignored Jeanne. Is it because she is not, according to the Singapore Supreme Court and like Lily Kong, 'elite'?


What does your understanding of phenomenology tell you about the egalitarian nature of signing contracts with known criminals, and ignoring abused students, Heather? You disgust me.

memorandum of understanding University of Toronto Singapore Management University NUS

[5] Under The Woman Object you may read about how evidence-based garbage from the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada is being used to stuff pregnant woman with dangerous drugs.


But you have nothing to do with that…no wait. You did work on ‘roles, responsibilities, ethics’ and what-not of pharma and so-called ‘alternative medicine’.


So what is your role in ‘moving forward’ with the treatment of pregnant woman in Canada? Nothing because you unmade woman. You made disgusting objects.

Heather Boon nausea vomiting pregnancy alternative medicine medical sociology SOGC EBM

Sincerely disgusted,

Mohamed Helmy


P.S. Heather Boon, in case you missed it, your middle name appears to be Hypocrisy and you disgust me.

Irelynn Helmy disgusted by Heather Boon of UoT
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